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Ethernet module QJ71E71 communication problem
QJ71E71 and SIEMENS reader MV440 communication? How to set the parameters of the Ethernet module [open settings]?
QJ71MB91 and QJ71C24-R2 modules of the software, thank you
QJ71GP21-SX? Do you have a manual?
Application of QJ71C24N-R4
QJ71C24N-24 serial communication modules communicate with the Omron E5CZ-R2MT+E53-CZ03 thermostat to do.
QJ71C24N AND D720
QJ71C24N D720 485 communication, just what a good agreement, and whether there is a specific agreement, thank you
For QJ71LP21G module
QJ71LP21G what the module, attached to set something? I haven't been on this thing. Hope you help, thank you!
QJ71c24n serial communication problem
QJ71C24N-R2, a-channel and two-channel switch settings are the same, but the data read back a second channel, don't know how to thank your support!
QJ71c24n serial communication problem
QJ71c24n serial communication using order communication, now only sends data to receive data. Can also receive data at first, but the incoming data before one word is missing, after receiving several
What is the difference QJ71PB92D and QJ71PB93D
QJ71PB92D and QJ71PB93D? As the main station should I choose which modules? Siemens PLC and master communication, DP couplers to choose what model? Thank you
QJ71GF11-T2 module can only be used in general purpose PLC (supports iQ Platform), and Q06UDEHCPU are available. Q06HCPU does not apply? Thank you
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