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PLC, the input terminal wiring is 24VDC, the output is also 24VDC, can use the CPU unit itself to provide 24VDC? I see from the manual, the output terminal can also pick up 220VAC, now I don't know ex
omron PLC
C200H-OD21A this model should be discontinued, please help confirm the replacement model is how much?
PLC boot is running, if it has been installed in the field, not with PC, if there is a power failure and so on, there is no PLC in which the terminal short answer, you can let it run? Thank you
PLC battery
I would like to ask CQM1-CPU41 and CQM1H-CPU21 inside the battery model is what? Where can I get relevant information? Thank you
FX series PLC
PLC input terminals +24V and com role, the principle of wiring.
About C200HG-CPU43
PLC-DIP5 state, can not communicate with the PC, whether there are other reasons? Thank you
PLC run just call CQM1-ME08R on the program?
CQM1-CPUU41 decryption
PLC to the computer!
The difference between CS1D-65S and CS1D42
PLC, the project in a CS1D42 to connect 2 id231 and 2 id232, and the program is not complicated, the operation speed is not high. Can you replace the 42S with the 65S?
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