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Industrial 4 era of PLC
TIME, it is an intelligent execution unit which can autonomously control the information by bus. Its superiority is not comparable to the CCS system and DCS system. Most businesses will not have been
Pro-face screen and logic programming software EX GP-Pro upgrade to V3.1
TIME, in order to facilitate the majority of Chinese users to use the screen and logic programming software EX V3.1 Pro-face, GP-Pro is expected to be released at the end of March 2013 EX V3.1 GP-Pro
Japan observed: labor shortage under the machine for the crowd
TIMEs, a record high since July 1991. Enterprise recruitment difficulties, make all over Japan for intensified competition between the labor force, at the same time, Japan also urges enterpri
McKinsey: robots are not working as fast as they can
TIMEs "technical feasibility is the key technology of attention of experts, and the impact of automation on the job is not simply determined by technical feasibility." To allow for
ABB reached a strategic cooperation with Changhong to enter the field of industrial robots
TIME, the two sides set up in Sichuan, Chengdu, China's first robot application joint laboratory was officially opened in order to capture key technologies in the field. In addition to the depth o
Corporate mergers and acquisitions continued to force the German investment
TIME, Chinese investors have gradually shifted their interest to the German health service, environmental protection, technology and consumer goods industry etc.. For example, in 2016 China's firs
Trump came to China instrument industry will face the export dilemma
TIME, some Southeast Asian countries have the advantages of labor costs and demographic dividend, the low-end manufacturing industry is constantly developing. Under the dual pressures, China's ins
Robot authentication is coming
TIMEly rumor, but has become a machine to replace human robot wounding process is the most worrying thing. Correspondingly, in early 2016, the Ministry of industry and information technology
ABB provide Geneva electric bus charging technology for 15 seconds
TIME, as a symbol of high-quality urban life, it is also a popular tourist destination. Geneva has the number of international organizations ranked first in the world, including the United Nations and
World Smart manufacturing exhibition opens in Nanjing
TIME in the field of such a high standard of the General Assembly held in the field. Especially the industry is concerned, the Ministry will during the General Assembly formally issued and interpretat
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