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Pro-face screen and logic programming SOFTWARE EX GP-Pro upgrade to V3.1
SOFTWARE EX V3.1 GP-Pro (English / Japanese version). EX V3.1 GP-Pro supports the latest release of the USB Pro-face solution -EZ series with light switches and mobile device remote monitoring sof
ABB reached a strategic cooperation with Changhong to enter the field of industrial robots
SOFTWARE, peripherals, modular manufacturing units, systems integration and customer service. Up to now, the total installed capacity of the world has more than 300000 units, with the rapid developmen
Robot authentication is coming
SOFTWARE Testing Center launched CCID robot CR certification, to provide certification authority for the robot, but also with the German TUV Rhine group to provide business support, promote the Chines
Future robots should focus on Intelligent
SOFTWARE, or data, this problem is worth pondering."
2016 world networking fair today grand opening
SOFTWARE and information technology services industry enterprise forum, Internet recruitment and other activities. The cilf has more than 3000 guests from 23 countries and regions to determin
Nuremberg, Germany SPS IPC drives electrical automation exhibition opening soon
SOFTWARE, interface technology, mechanical facilities, sensing technology. 2016 5 can not be missed highlights: 1 you can browse at the Nuremberg exhibition to complete the electrica
Russian security experts: China's industrial attacks will be more frequent
SOFTWARE is very backward, for now the hackers, almost everywhere there are loopholes. According to some research laboratory, industrial control system of 220558 online devices, more than 17 thousand
In 2025 the United States may have 12 million jobs were replaced by robots
SOFTWARE Redwood can achieve financial, supply chain and human resources office and department processes automation. Its executive Higginson (Kinson Neil) said that the work of the priest will be repl
The sensor for the Ministry of industry focus billion feast to be our
SOFTWARE and system integration of intelligent manufacturing development of the "short board", to promote the work of intelligent manufacturing system. Sensors as the basis of
Pro-face officially released mobile terminal remote monitoring SOFTWARE Remote HMI Pro-face
SOFTWARE Remote HMI. Remote monitoring software for tablet computers and smart phones. Remote HMI Pro-face is a remote monitoring software, can be in iPhone, iPad, touch iPod, as well as the
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