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IndustRial 4 era of PLC
Rial forum launched a discussion of high-end PLC. To say high-end, there may not be able to produce a PLC businesses do not think their own high-end PLC, even if it does not think high-end PLC own cha
2017 industRial Internet Summit held in Beijing
Ruary 2017 2021, guided by the Ministry of industry and information technology, jointly organized by Chinese Information Communication Research Institute and Industry Internet industry alliance "
PRo-face screen and logic programming software EX GP-Pro upgrade to V3.1
Ro-face, a global leader in human computer interface and factory data communications solutions, has officially released the screen and logic programming software EX V3.1 GP-Pro (English / Japanese ver
MIIT: 13th Five-YeaR to build 10 networking industry gathering area
Ry 17, the Ministry of industry and information technology China issued 17 things from 2016 to 2020 development plan, by 2020, IOT overall industrial scale exceeded 1 trillion and 500 billion yuan (RM
Who stole the U.S. manufactuRing jobs
Ruary 2, the United States presidential election Trump accused Chinese and Mexico in the "stolen" American manufacturing jobs, after the election and named a hawk as trade adviser, Minister
Japan obseRved: labor shortage under the machine for the crowd
R 2016, Japan Tokyo Narita airport immigration, a few old grey-haired particularly eye-catching, they wore uniforms, wear work documents, guiding people to each window through the entry formalities.
McKinsey: Robots are not working as fast as they can
R market, in the future it will be at what speed? In the end how much impact? Everyone's opinion is not consistent. The latest report suggests that robots may be slower to work for humans than the
ABB Reached a strategic cooperation with Changhong to enter the field of industrial robots
R in industrial robots, is a China appliances intelligent manufacturing vanguard, impel manufacturing 2025 national strategy on the China, August 16th, ABB and Changhong together, the first marriage o
CoRporate mergers and acquisitions continued to force the German investment
Rprises in Germany conducted a total of 45 mergers and acquisitions, the number of projects and the amount of a record. As of July last year, the working staff in the German supplier of modular Linde
2017 annual meeting of China intelligent manufactuRing hundred
Rder to accelerate the construction of manufacturing power, to better implement the "2025 policies" China manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing as the main direction to promote the manufa
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