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2017 industrial Internet Summit held in Beijing
POWER and power network, but also to promote the supply side structural reform, an important starting point to accelerate the transformation of old and new energy connection. The Chinese government to
Pro-face screen and logic programming software EX GP-Pro upgrade to V3.1
POWERful software function can improve the programming efficiency and improve the maintenance and management level of the equipment. At the same time, in order to facilitate the majority of C
MIIT: 13th Five-Year to build 10 networking industry gathering area
POWER wide area networks, big data and other key technologies, the development of more than 200 yuan output value of more than 1 billion backbone enterprises.
Japan observed: labor shortage under the machine for the crowd
POWER, Tokyo is also the same." The strategic planning department of Osaka Bureau of economic strategy of regional economy as the chief rattan Bo said, serious when even 2 corporate positions onl
ABB reached a strategic cooperation with Changhong to enter the field of industrial robots
POWER policy, the domestic demand for robots is ushering in a blowout. ABB is one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial robotics, providing a complete portfolio of robots, software, perip
2017 annual meeting of China intelligent manufacturing hundred
POWER, to better implement the "2025 policies" China manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing as the main direction to promote the manufacturing industry and the Internet depth of integratio
Robot authentication is coming
POWER and international competitiveness. In order to promote the robot certification, China Software Testing Center launched CCID robot CR certification services, to provide authoritative CR
ABB provide Geneva electric bus charging technology for 15 seconds
POWER charge for 15 seconds, to the terminal when charging 3-4 minutes can be completely filled. This innovative technology developed by ABB engineers in switzerland. Fang Qin, President of A
World Smart manufacturing exhibition opens in Nanjing
POWER, 229 domestic and foreign well-known figures, including 27 academicians (including 8 foreign academicians), the world's top 500 enterprises senior leadership 32, Germany Fraunhof Association
ABB helps the world's highest of high voltage direct current transmission project to improve POWER quality
POWER capacitor + 400 kv HVDC project in qinghai - Tibet expansion projects run successfully in the converter station in Lhasa. The transmission line average altitude of 4500 meters, is the world'
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