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Model: Q65B5 slots. 1 power supply module required. for Q Series modules,Q6DIN1ADIN rail mounting flange class rating q65b adapter (with vibration-proofing bracket set) for
Model: Q6HLD-R2Holder for preventing RS-232 cable (programmable controller CPU connection) disconnec,Q6DIN3DIN rail mounting adapter MITSUBISHI Q6HLD-R2 for Q32SB\ Q33SB\ Q35SB\ Q33B\ Q52B\ Q55B\ and Q
Model: Q7BAT-SETLarge-capacity battery with holder for mounting CPU,Q6DIN2DDIN Q7BAT-SET rail mounting adapter for Q35B\ Q65B\ and Q00UJCPU ...More Related Model >>
Model: Q6BATReplacement battery,Q6DIN3DIN rail mounting adapter for Q32SB\ Q33SB\ Q35SB\ Q33B\ Q52B\ Q55B\ and MITSUBISHI Q6BAT Q63B
Model: QG60Blank cover for I/O slot,Q6DIN1A 2 per module.Applicable encoder: Q170ENC.Position detection method: Absolute (ABS) data meth
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Product Model: Q6DIN1A
Category: Mounting Guide
File Size: 0.22MB
In Position A (base unit bottom), screw the DIN rail to a control panel using the included mounting screws and square washers

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