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CPUA1 Omron Programmable Control CPU C1000HF-CPUA1-V1.,Model: C1000H-TER01. Each node requires one of the ends of the network.The OMRON CPU unit comes wit
CPUA1(3G2C3-CPUA1). C500F-CP CPU Programmable Controller C500F-CPUA1. ,CPUA1 slots(3 linkable slots). Model: C500-CN331. Cable length: 30 m. Programming 3G2C3-
CPUA1-V1(3G2C3-CPUA1-V1). C500F-CP CPU Programmable Controller C500F-CPUA1-V1. ,CPUA1 remote I/O. C500-OA I/O Unit Triac Output 24 pts C500-OA223(3G2A5-OA223). AC250V 1A.
CPUA1-E(3G2C3-CPUA1-E). C500F-CP CPU Programmable Controller C500F-CPUA1-E. ,CPUA1-E Console Connecting Cable. For extension and connection of FIT of FIT. I/O Terminal
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