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Name: Position Control Module. Model: C200HW-NC113. Control method: Open-loop, automatic trapezoid a,C200HW-BI101-V1. No. of I/O slots: 10 slots.A memory card suitable OMRON C200HW-NC113 for Phoenix PC
C200HW-BC081-V1. No. of I/O slots: 8 slots.,C200HW-BC031. No. of I/O slots: 3 slots.Model: C200HW-BC101-V1. No. OMRON C200HW-BC081-V1 of I/O slo
C200HW-BC101-V1. No. of I/O slots: 10 slots.,C200HW-BC081-V1. No. OMRON C200HW-BC101-V1 of I/O slots: 8 slots.Model: C200HW-BC031. No. OMRON C200
C200HW-BC051. No. of I/O slots: 5 slots.,C200HW-BC101-V1. No. of I/O slots: 10 slots.Model: C200HW-BC081-V1. No. OMRON C200HW-BC051 of I/O sl
C200HW-BC031. No. of I/O slots: 3 slots.,C200HW-BC051. No.OMRONCPUBackplaneofI/Oslots:5slots.Model:C200HW-BC081-V1. No.ofI/Oslots:8slots.Mode
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C200H-BC081-V1 AND C200HW-BC081-V1
C200HW-BC081-V1 can be exchanged?

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