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Provided with a 2-m cable for ladder programming.,C200H-PRO27-E collector).Name: PID Control Module. Model: C200H-PID03. Output: Current output.Model:
Productname:AnalogInputUnit. Model:CS1W-AD041-V1. Unitnumber:0to95. Inputs:4pts. Signalrange>Vol,C200H-PRO27-E Programming Console. (Length: 6.0 m) .Product name: Analog Output Unit. Model: CS1W-D
Product name: Controller Link Unit. Model: CS1W-CLK21-V1. Specifications: Twisted pair.,C200H-PRO27-E Programming Console. (Length: 6.0 m) .Model: CS1W-CE562. Connector for CS1 Basic I/O
C200H-PRO27 and CQM1-PRO01.,Model: CS1W-PMV02. I/O points: 4 outputs. Signal range selection: 4 OMRON CS1W-CN626 independent.
Model: C200HS-ME16K. Description: EEPROM, 16K words.,C200H-PRO27-E Hand-held Programming Console ming Console. 4m.For C200H-PRO27-EE OMRON C200HS-ME16K H
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