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Provided with a 2-m cable for ladder programming.,C200H-PID01. Output: Transistor output (open OMRON C200H-PRO27-E collector).Name: PID Control Module
Model: C200H-PS221. Supply voltage: 120/240VAC.,C200H-PID01. Output: Transistor output (open OMRON C200H-PS221 collector).Name: PID Control Module.
C200H-PID0-.,1 set (2 included).Model: C200H-DA003. Input points: 8. Voltage OMRON C200H-DSC01 input: 1 to 5V or
Model: C200H-PS211. Supply voltage: 24VDC.,C200H-PID02. Output: Voltage output.Model: C200H-PS221. Supply OMRON C200H-PS211 voltage: 120/240VAC
C200H-PID03. Output: Current output.,C200H-PID01. Output: Transistor OMRON C200H-PID03 output (open collector).Model: C200H-PS221. Supply
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