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Used for data input and process value display for the C200H-TC---, C200H-TV---, C200H-CP114, and C,C200H-DSC01 input: 1 to 5V or 10 to 10 V or 鈥?0 to 10 V.C200H Discrete I/O Data Access Console C200H
For Hand-held Programming Console. 4m.,C200H-DSC01. 4M. ...More Related Model >>>>
Model: C200H-CN311. Cable length: 30cm.,C200H-DSC01. 4M.Connects Power Supply Adapter and SYSMAC NET Link Unit. For OMRON C200H-CN311 1 Unit
Model: C200H-CN131. Cable length: 1, 000cm.,C200H-DSC01. 4M.Model: OMRON C2000H-CN131 C200H-CN131 C200H-CN521. Cable length: 500cm. ..
Model: C200H-CN521. Cable length: 500cm.,C200H-DSC01. 4M.Model: C200H-CN711. Cable length: 70cm.Connects OMRON C200H-CN521 Power Supppl
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