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Model: AC10TEFor A6TE2-16SRN. 1 m,AC100TEFor MITSUBISHI AC10TE A6TE2-16SRN. 10 mModel: AC10TBFor A6TBXY36 A6TBXY54 and A6TBX70 (positi
Model: AC20TBFor A6TBXY36、 A6TBXY54、 and A6TBX70 (positive common/sink type). 2 m,AC100TBFor A6TBXY36 A6TBXY54 MITSUBISHI AC20TB and A6TBX70 (positive common/sink type). 10 m *Commo
Model: AC50TB-EFor A6TBX36-E、 A6TBY36-E、 A6TBX54-E、 A6TBY54-E、 and A6TBX70-E (negative common/source,AC100TEFor A6TE2-16SRN. 10 mModel: MITSUBISHI AC50TB-E AC20TBFor A6TBXY36 A6TBXY54 aand MITSUBISHI A
Model: AC12MX. Other cable-based extended,AC100TEFor MITSUBISHI AC12MX A6TE2-16SRN. 10 mModel: AC10TB-EFor MITSUBISHI AC12MX A6TBX36-E A6TBY36
Model: AC06TEFor A6TE2-16SRN. 0.6 m,AC100TEFor A6TE2-16SRN. MITSUBISHI AC06TE 10 mModel: AC10TB-EFor Cable A6TBX36-E A6TBY36-E A6TBX54-E
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