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Model: A6BR10. Repeater unit for coaxial bus system. MELSECNET / H, MELSECNET/10 repeater for coax,A6TBY54-EFor source output modules (2-wire type)Model: A62DA. 2-channel. Input MITSUBISHI A6BR10 (
Model: A6TE2-16SRNFor 40-pin connector 24 V DC transistor output modules (sink type),A6TBY54-EFor sourcce MITSUBISHI A6TE2-16SRN output MITSUBISHI A6TE2-16SRN modules (2-wire type)
Model: AC30TBFor A6TBXY36、 A6TBXY54、 and A6TBX70 (positive common/sink type). 3 m,A6TBY54-E and A6TBX70-E MITSUBISHI AC30TB (negative common/source type). 1 mModel: AC30TEFor A6TE2-1
Model: AC10TEFor A6TE2-16SRN. 1 m,A6TBY54-E and A66TBX70-E MITSUBISHI AC10TE (negative common/source type). ac10te 1 m ...More Rel
Model: AC20TBFor A6TBXY36、 A6TBXY54、 and A6TBX70 (positive common/sink type). 2 m,A6TBY54-E and acc20tb MITSUBISHI AC20TB A6TBX70-E (negative common/source type). 5 m ...More Rel
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