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Model: C500-CPU11-V1. C500-CP CPU CPU MODULE JAPANESE C500-CPU11-V1,3G2A5-COV11Connector OMRON CPU 24 PIN Crimp Type C500-CE242C500-CP OMRONN OMRON CPU CPU Special I/O
C500-GP Special I/O Unit GPIB Interface Unit C500-GPI01.,3G2A5-COV01Model : C500-AP003. Necessaary C500-GPI01 OMRON C500-GPI01 for Handheld Programming Cons
C500-CP Special I/O Unit Cam Positioner Unit C500-CP131.,3G2A5-COV01I/O Terminal Cover For 338-pin OMRON C500-CP131 OMRON C500-CP131 block, special type 3G2A
Model: C500-COV02. Connector on the C500 link unit for the base unit ,3G2A5-COV02 Bus Connector Cover 3G2A5-COV01 Model: C500-COV03. C500 3G2A5-COV02 I / O Control
3G2A5-COV11 ,3G2A5-COV11 For 20-pin block, standard C500-COV13 Modeel: C500-COV03. C500 Terminal Cover 3G2
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