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Product Name:Wall mounted receptacle with TwinCONTACT. Part No.:1372. Ampere:32 A. Poles:4 p. Voltag,394. Ampere:32A. Poles:3p. Voltage:110V. Earth position :4h. Hertz
394. Ampere:32A. Poles:3p. Voltage:110V. Earth position :4h. Hertz ,394 Mennekes Panel mounted receptacle position :10h. Hertz 100-300H
3942. Ampere:32A. Poles:3p. Voltage:110V. Earth position:4h. Hertz ,3944. Ampere:32A. Poles:3p. Voltage:400V. Earth 3942 Mennekes 3942 position:9h.
3946. Ampere:32A. Poles:4p. Voltage:230V. Earth position:9h. Hertz ,3942. Ampere:32A. Poles:3p. Voltage:110V. Earth 3946 Mennekes 3946 position:4h.
394. Ampere:16A. Poles:4p. Voltage:400V. Earth position:6h. Hertz 5,3945. Ampere:32A. Poles:4p. Voltage:110V. Earth 394 Mennekes 394 position:4h.
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Application of MITSUBISHI PLC in wire rope type grille decontamination machine on
394 electric hoist, start the motor, closed grab rake. When the closed rake is in place, the close rake is in close proximity to the switch, normally open point X5 is closed, and the M1 is switched on