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Proface Touch Screen PFXGP4301TADW
Product Name: Touch Screen.
Model: PFXGP4203TAD.
Graphic Display Resolution: 320*240 pixels(QVGA).
Programming Memory: 8mb flash EPROM.
Serial Ports(COM1): RS-232C.
Display Type and Size: TFT Color LCD(5.7").
Ethernet: 1.
SD Card: NO.
Input Voltage: 24V DC
Serial Ports (COM2): RS-422/485.
Display Colors: 65, 536 Colors(no blink) / 16, 384 Colors(blink).
Display Area: W 115.2 x H 86.4 mm [W 4.54 x H 3.4 in].
Touch Screen: Resistive Film(analog).
Backlight: White LED.
Proface HMI(Advanced Display) PFXSP5400WAD
Product Name: HMI.
Model: PFXSP5400WAD.
Graphic Display Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels (WVGA) .
Display Colors: 262, 144 colors.
Display Type and Size: 7inch TFT Color LCD.
Display Area: W154.08 x H95.92mm[W6.06 x H3.78in] .
Programming Memory: 64MB (CFast card).
Input Voltage: 12 to 24 Vdc.
Power Consumption: 41W max .
Mitsubishi CPU A2USCPU-S1
Model: A2USCPU-S1.
Actual number of I/O points 1024, memory capacity 256k bytes.
Program capacity (steps): Max.14k steps.
Size: 130mm * 54.5mm * 93.6mm.
Weight: 0.41kg.
Alternative models: A2USHCPU-S1.
Proface HMI AGP3300-T1-D24-CA1M
Product Name: HMI(W/CANopen).
Model: AGP3300-T1-D24-CA1M.
Display Type and Size: TFT Color LCD(5.7in).
Graphic Display Resolution: 320*240 pixels(QVGA).
Display Colors: 65536 COLRS(NO Blink)/16384 colors(blink).
Display Area: W115.2 x H86.4 mm [W4.54 x H3.40 in].
Ethernet: yes.
Serial Ports (COM1): RS-232C/422/485.
Touch Screen: Resistive Film(analog).
Backlight: CCFL.
Programming Memory: 6mb flash EPROM.
Input Voltage: 24 VDC.
Serial: RS232C/422/485.
CF Card: 1 slot, type II.
Mitsubishi CPU A2NCPU-S1
Model: A2NCPU-S1.
I/O points: 1024 points.
Program capacity: 14k steps.
Basic instruction processing speed: 1.0us.
Memory: Memory-minute cassette inserted.
Size: 254(H)×79.5(W)×121(D)mm.
Weight: 0.62kg.