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ABB AC variable frequency SPEED control in the application system of hoist pump control
SPEED regulating technology, the introduction of the product of all digital frequency converter provides a broad space for the application of AC drive. Using AC variable frequency speed control can no

The application of MITSUBISHI Q PLC in the double color gravure printing machine
SPEED paper receiving mechanism, charge control main and auxiliary functions such as paper board. 3 system configuration diagram The system uses the MITSUBISHI QPLC, four CC-Link remote s

Total solution for printing machine based on OMRON systems
SPEED counter, and more perfect of pulse output function, increasing performance and makes the PLC + servo + inverter, touch screen of the whole system on the printing machine application possible. Ma

Mitsubishi PLC and sine inverter communication application in rubber roller machinery
SPEED, PLC and D/A extension module controls the frequency of the inverter. By D/A expansion module controls the frequency of the inverter, vulnerable to the volatility of the analog signal and the di

ABB Automation products in application of MW wind turbine electrical control system
SPEED regulation system and electric system mathematical model of complex structure, high precision; Remote monitoring system, the application of fault detection and the reset function make the contro

Mitsubishi Q the application of PLC in the tunnel drying oven machine equipment
SPEED data transmission through Ethernet can up a machine, reach the upper machine for the purpose of real-time monitoring system.

Precise control and application of Mitsubishi PLC in press
SPEED output, adjustable version of motor data acquisition. Chose a mitsubishi 5.7 -inch touch screen, at the same time is mainly responsible for water roller, according to the motor speed adjustable

Typical application of OMRON in tunnel control touch screen
SPEED and direction, lighting, traffic lights, fan, lighting, vehicle detector and other equipment. Control system, there are seven RTU controller (area), PLC as the main controller, which the mouth o

ABB FT-NIR application in blending
SPEED project putting-in-service proactively. Traditional methods of blending/problem Of (among) all the oil refining process, oil blending is the most critical process affects the qualit

Application of Omron PLC in the automatic tension controller
SPEED programmable controller, in a small unit has a variety of performance, including the synchronous pulse control, high speed counter input and interrupt, position control pulse output and analog s

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