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Application of MITSUBISHI domestic PLC in boiler equipment
LED by a PLC fan operation, booster ignition, oil solenoid valve, open and close monitor of photoelectric switch. At the end of the running process, there is reset button to restart the program. 2

ABB AC variable frequency speed control in the application system of hoist pump control
LED by the motor control board through the main circuit interface board. The voltage on the output end U2, V2 and W2 is determined by the modulation and demodulation, and the waveform is pulse train.

Application of Pro-face touch screen in coating machine
LED release effect). First, the working principle of the coating machine: The machine cavity core elements in clean sealed rotary drum sieve for stop disorderly movement, under the a

The application of MITSUBISHI Q PLC in the double color gravure printing machine
LED by a 35KW inverter, with transmission power unit in the entire printing process, which includes the feidahong part of the paper feeding driving, printing drum rotation and delivery mechanism. Feed

Pro-face uses GLC to ensure an emergency backup system
LED by the GLC allows us to switch to manual operation. As soon as the entire system stops, the workers will have to wait a few hours until the production line and the system is restored. This GLC swi

Omron the application of laser measurement system in tobacco equipment
LED or empty, also can have a variety of problems, such as a full storage likely to cause YanZhi damage, leading to packing can't keep consistency; Storage tank is empty, sometimes, on the other h

Mitsubishi Q the application of PLC in the tunnel drying oven machine equipment
LED the upper and lower two temperature sensors, temperature sensors to detect the Q64RD temperature is converted into electrical signals sent to the temperature of the module, the temperature value t

Precise control and application of Mitsubishi PLC in press
LED in the version of the roll potentiometer, through the potentiometer to send 4 analog a/D, through PLC processing, version roller rotation accuracy can be well controlled within the scope of the pl

Pro-face uses IPC to adapt to production changes
LED the Hitachi HIP POP production information acquisition system, the computer transmission production data for the production manager, such as production, defective goods information and the product

ABB ACS1000 high voltage inverter in petrochemical plant the application of rich gas compressor
LED type high voltage inverter direct torque control system. Second,themaincharacteristicsofACS1000 World electrical giant ABB ACS1000 series high-voltage converter is a high - high

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