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Application of MITSUBISHI domestic PLC in boiler equipment
INPUT signal: X00 press the reset button X01 photoelectric switch detects flame X02 fan operation 2, digital output signal: Y00 control fan operation Y01 switch. Y02 gas el

How to use OMRON PLC to realize remote electric quantity collection
INPUT points, not the output point, but there should be a system clock. CQM1 series PLC with a communication port, and the DM area is larger, can be configured with the system clock memory cell. The s

ABB AC variable frequency speed control in the application system of hoist pump control
INPUT protection board. system working principle System for the AC - DC - AC variable frequency speed control system. When the power supply is switched on, the capacitor is cha

Application of Pro-face touch screen in coating machine
INPUT point between 6 to 12 points 3, temperature simulation quantity number: general two and three input, four special road (a road, a road inlet temperature of air temperature, a core tempe

Application of OMRON human machine MPT5 in ceramic kiln
INPUT function set in the third computer screen, 35 parameters is provided by the OMRON man-machine digital input function to achieve the technical requirements of the adjustment. As shown in the foll

The application of MITSUBISHI Q PLC in the double color gravure printing machine
INPUT through the CC-Link field bus. 4 debugging situation and experience Because the system uses the CC-Link field bus, in the wiring, all the I/O points using the nearest remote ac

Application of MITSUBISHI PLC in wire rope type grille decontamination machine on
INPUT 28, output 18 points), with proximity switch (induction distance of 5mm and l0mm) and FDU81 type liquid potentiometer as signal acquisition device. 3 years of practice has proved that the PLC co

ABB Automation products in application of MW wind turbine electrical control system
INPUT and output points is not much, is generally not more than 300 points. Large amount of data: Electric control system in MW wind turbines is analyzed.studying doubly-fed speed regulat

Pro-face application of HMI in slicing machine
INPUT time, regularly and expression in the script area input: [w: [# INTERNAL] LS0008] = 2 can (no. 2 refers to the main interface screen), 4.2 system area switch function Enabling the s

Application of ABB frequency converter in constant pressure water supply
INPUT (AI); Two programmable analog output (AO); Six programmable digital input (DI); Three programmable digital output (RO). Continuous load capacity: 150%, In every 10 minutes to allow for

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