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ABB AC variable frequency speed control in the application system of hoist pump control
CONNECTION parameters, transmission parameters, protection parameters. According to the different occasions of the frequency conversion device, the parameters are pre compiled into different applicati

Mitsubishi PLC and sine inverter communication application in rubber roller machinery
CONNECTION According to the control requirements of the system, choose the following device 1, PLC selection Japan mitsubishi FX1N - 14 Mr; 2, PLC485 communication extension board FX1

Pro-face GP applications in pharmaceutical manufacturers and Research Center
CONNECTION of the control centre room in the PC, so that we can real-time tracking the situation of the room, such as temperature, pressure, etc. For example, if there is room door accidentally opened

Mitsubishi Q the application of PLC in the tunnel drying oven machine equipment
CONNECTION into a system, high-speed data transmission through Ethernet can up a machine, reach the upper machine for the purpose of real-time monitoring system.

Application of ABB frequency converter in constant pressure water supply
CONNECTION: two programmable analog input (AI); Two programmable analog output (AO); Six programmable digital input (DI); Three programmable digital output (RO). Continuous load capacity: 150

Mitsubishi PLC network product structure
CONNECTION, wiring amount is greatly reduced, increased the system maintainability. And not just ON/OFF switch is the amount of data, also can connect ID systems, bar code readers, frequency converter

ABB ACS1000 high voltage inverter in petrochemical plant the application of rich gas compressor
CONNECTION. Inverter, the capacity of 3.3 KV voltage class in 2150 kva and below the inverter adopts air cooling, with capacity above 2150 kva and inverter adopts water cooling. ACS1000 high

Mitsubishi PLC and Profibus CONNECTION
CONNECTION FX2N programmable mouth, mouth agreement with mitsubishi FX2N of built-in programming, this method does not need to make any Settings on the FX2N and programming, just on the Profibus maste

Mitsubishi FX series PLC master instruction (MC-MCR)
CONNECTION. After execution of MC, left the bus moved to the back of the MC contact. (2) the MCR (master reset instructions) it is MC instructions of the reset, it is using MCR instructions to res

Pro-face touch screen remote control and data acquisition applications
CONNECTIONs" window, right click on the "local connection", select properties that is in the "local connection properties" window, double click on Internet protocol (TCP/IP),

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