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LED in the field, not with PC, if there is a power failure and so on, there is no PLC in which the terminal short answer, you can let it run? Thank you
Q Series PLC
LED onto the same substrate QX10, and QX40 two
J2S-100A servo problem
LED servo drives, and does not need directions, PLSR instruction-only cases, drive what needs to be connected on terminal blocks and cables must be according to the standard wiring the servo to run it
Battery removing communication issues
LED on another device's batterycan communicate properly, an Ethernet connection is another device communications (ETN21), without battery: Ethernet cannot communicate properly?
FX3U three servo motor control problems
LED by FX3U I/O I/O, for example on the point whether you want to use manual are exactly the same.
A3acpu Panel is garbLED
LED display is garbled, and ad75p3-S3 led is garbled, but the device power on properly, and no exceptions! What problem, how to solve
J3-100A drive
LED load components connection?
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