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Industrial 4 era of PLC
PLC. To say high-end, there may not be able to produce a PLC businesses do not think their own high-end PLC, even if it does not think high-end PLC own characteristics! Therefore, this is a Different
Liaoning's first PLC simulation system is built to provide conditions for professional personnel training
PLC oil (programmable logic controller) simulation test system, after running the program, the function is normal, the first PLC simulation system of Liaodong Bay in Jinzhou was officially settled in
2016 PLC market is expected to be better
PLC market performance fell by 8%. Expected to improve in 2016, but still showed a downward trend, the decline in the magnitude of the decline. PLC application has been quite mature, widely d
PLCopen opens office in Korea
PLCopen and Kormocon, the Korean Motion Control Industry Organization based in Seoul, signed an agreement to open a PLCopen office in Korea. PLCopen is a worldwide association. As such it covers t
PLC market in Southeast Asia is recovering
PLC) in Southeast Asia, offering good growth prospects for the digital computers despite relatively small revenue, according to a report entitled “PLCs – Southeast Asia – 2013 Editio
Future trend of industrial PC product will become more diversified
PLC and IPC market can appear dramatic change. The IPC will be more rapid growth, will develop more new applications, not exclude controller based on PLC. In the past few years, industrial PC
Pro-face graphic logic controllers released module LT4000M series
PLC, temperature controller, inverter and servo.· use fission installation cable, can separate the operation panel and control panel installation.· comply with international safe
Omron launched the 10-inch high-resolution NB series industrial touch screen
PLC application project based solutions. Omron Industrial Automation recently launched NB series 5/7/10 inches high performance economic application of new products. Omron NB series of touch-screen li
Mitsubishi Motors launched 12 high performance large robots work more than 3 times faster
PLC) linkage. Not only can use high-speed communication function of PLC to shorten the I/O processing time, and together with the display, also can improve the efficiency of the operation and maintena
Global default password for hundreds of industrial control system leak
PLC or other ICS/SCADA equipment for remote access, it will basically declared the collapse of our operating system. Specific terms, once the invasion is successful, the attacker will understand that
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