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Industrial 4 era of PLC
LED high-end PLC. Since the introduction of flexible manufacturing industry 4, I was full of curiosity, I know that the current PLM, MES performance has reached a considerable level, but in t
Who stole the U.S. manufacturing jobs
LED to the disappearance of jobs, threatening to impose severe trade sanctions on China, Mexico and other countries to reduce trade deficit. Most economists, however, believe it is not wise to make tr
ABB reached a strategic cooperation with Changhong to enter the field of industrial robots
LED capacity of the world has more than 300000 units, with the rapid development of China's intelligent manufacturing industry, China has become one of the largest ABB market. Changhong a
2017 annual meeting of China intelligent manufacturing hundred
LED the team in 2009 put forward the concept of cloud manufacturing, in 2012 proposed a practical wisdom cloud. The so-called wisdom cloud manufacturing, is a kind of new model and new means based on
Trump came to China instrument industry will face the export dilemma
LED, Trump is beyond all expectations this fight to win the next president of the United states. Although the campaign has come to an end, but Trump brought the "Trump effect" is still in fe
ABB provide Geneva electric bus charging technology for 15 seconds
LED. This innovative technology developed by ABB engineers in switzerland. Fang Qin, President of ABB group power grid business, said: this breakthrough technology can help Geneva achieve its
The government factors behind the prosperity of industrial robot industry in Europe
LED by Chinese enterprises to purchase Italy famous car manufacturer Fiat Group (Com AU) Comau robot business. Italy, another big robot enterprise Giamatti (Gimatic) g just in June this year by the Ge
ABB helps the world's highest of high voltage direct current transmission project to improve power quality
LED capacity. In China, ABB has been involved in 30 22 HVDC project construction of the project, to actively support the build safer, more efficient, more strong national power grid. ABB is t
2016 world robotics conference opens today
LED in Yizhuang, Beijing, becoming the country's economic and Technological Development Zone, the normalization of the brand. This session of the General Assembly on the world robot resea
2016 World Internet Industry Conference opened in Qingdao
LEDge service center manufacturing (Qingdao) opening ceremony, the center marks the establishment of the center built by China Engineering Institute of Engineering Science and technology Chinese knowl
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