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2017 industrial Internet Summit held in Beijing
CONNECTION, conforming to the global trend of accelerating the construction of the Internet industry, manufacturing industry is to deepen the integration with the Internet development, strategic choic
Pro-face screen and logic programming software EX GP-Pro upgrade to V3.1
CONNECTIONs and network enhancements. EX V3.1 GP-Pro also updated and improved a number of software features, such as: clock function, the project file comparison tool and version recovery, etc.. Powe
MIIT: 13th Five-Year to build 10 networking industry gathering area
CONNECTION number exceeded 100 million, accounting for the global total of 31%, becoming the world's largest market. Planning said that now all the Internet era has opened. But China stil
ABB provide Geneva electric bus charging technology for 15 seconds
CONNECTION technology, buses less than a second to access the charging point. Vehicle battery in the half-way station to 600 kilowatts of power charge for 15 seconds, to the terminal when charging 3-4
The sensor for the Ministry of industry focus billion feast to be our
CONNECTION of all things, in industrial manufacturing, smart cars, telecommunications and consumer electronics and other areas of a wide range of applications. At present, China's high-end sensor
Schneider, President of China: robots are not equal to intelligent manufacturing
CONNECTION. "I think the essence of intelligent manufacturing is to open the black box in the manufacturing process, to see all the things that are invisible. And can not be mistaken for the proc
Future trend of industrial PC product will become more diversified
CONNECTION with office system. In the forecast period, we do not expect the PLC and IPC market can appear dramatic change. The IPC will be more rapid growth, will develop more new applications, not ex
Asia-Pacific Internet market in 2020 is expected to reach us $ 79.3 billion
CONNECTION equipment remote control ability enhancement, the Internet of things industry is increasing exponentially in family, business, and the number of connected devices in the city are also great
UHV in China Internet industry for a new energy opportunities
CONNECTION, chau interconnected, intercontinental interconnected three stages, each stage can be combined with the actual coordination. Between now and 2020, the key to speed up the national clean ene
Civil underwater robot industry development in China usher in a new stage
CONNECTIONs get rid of the limitation of the cable, operation more convenient. "With the progress of technology, we combine the algorithm of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and subsurface fluid dyn
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